In today’s digital world, social media play an important role in election campaigns. The tasks attached introduce your pupils to how YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are used in the current UK election campaign and thereby to the most central issues.

Aim: To learn about the UK election campaign and to understand the role social media plays in politics.

 Time: 2 x 45 mins. This material has been made with a 1,5-hour lesson in mind, but you may spend more or less time depending on how much you go in depth.

  1. Introduce the lesson by quickly presenting the upcoming election in the UK.
  2. Hand out the attached worksheet called “The UK´s three biggest political parties´ use of social media.” The differences between the parties will become clear as you study the various social media and websites.
  3. You may also want to focus on this year´s new situation with more voters supporting the SNP, the Green Party and UKIP. Choose either the full version or the short version of the tasks on this topic.

Levels: This activity may be used on all levels
Practical information for teachers about differentiation and curriculum aims

Tasks for the students:

The UK´s three biggest political parties’ use of social media

The new parties’ use of social media_full version

The new parties’ use of social media_short version

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