How to answer the exam task

Midterm exams are fast approaching! Do your students know how to interpret the tasks?

 English teacher Anne Marie Torp, from Asker vgs, has put together a useful course to make students more aware of what the exam tasks require them to do. The course includes explanations of the most frequently used instructional words and a step-by-step guide to interpreting the exam task.

Enclosed are also sample interpretations, and more exam tasks so the students can practise.

 This material has been made with a 1,5-hour lesson in mind.

 Answering the exam task Vg1 (PPT)

Answering the exam task Vg1 course

 Answering the exam task Vg2 (PPT)

Answering the exam task Vg2 course

 Answering the exam task Form

 PS: The courses for vg1 and vg2 are identical, but the tasks and examples are different.

If you have more time, Anne Marie suggests the following :

 “A good way of preparing students for their exams is to hand out the preparation material given for the Exam, Spring 2014. After reading it, ask the students to suggest suitable exam tasks.

 By now, they should have sufficient knowledge of that particular exam to benefit from looking at assessment. Hand out the “sensorveiledning”, “vurderingsskjema” and some of the sample answers which have been published by Udir. In groups, let the students assess the answers, using the forms provided. Specify that they must agree on the grade.

 Then, ask all groups to present and justify the grades given.

Finally, compare the results with the official censorship.

 This exercise will give students valuable insight into what exactly is required on the exam.”

Good luck with your exams!

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