Teacher Resources for SKILLS

To help you navigate and find the resources that suit you and your students, we have developed user guides. We hope you find them useful!


User guides

– SKILLS Ressursbank User Guide

– SKILLS Smartbok User Guide

 Sound files

You will find Sound Files to all texts in SKILLS Ressursbank. Most texts are read by people with a British or American voice, but we have also made sure other geographical varieties are represented.

Here is an overview:

– Sosiale og geografiske varianter av engelsk i SKILLS  


Basic SKILLS is a collection of digital exercises at beginner’s level.  They cover the same topics as the textbook but the focus is on basic vocabulary and grammar. There is a set of Basic SKILLS exercises for each text in the book – and about 100 exercises for each chapter. Basic SKILLS is an integrated part of Smartbok, but can also be found in Ressursbank Elev.

Table of content for Basic Skills in each book:

 – Basic SKILLS Helse- og oppvekstfag

– Basic SKILLS Teknikk og industriell produksjon

– Basic SKILLS Bygg- og anleggsteknikk

– Basic SKILLS Elektrofag

– Basic SKILLS Restaurant- og matfag

– Basic SKILLS Design og håndverk

– Basic SKILLS Service og samferdsel

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