Nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk

Våren 2017 lanserer vi et nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk. Redaktør Kari Anne Arnkværn sier dette om bakgrunnen for utgivelsen:

“We wanted to make a book that clarifies the competence aims for students, as they often struggle to see the point in “reading just another text”. We show them, specifically, how they can build the most essential skills, step-by-step, and thus ensure the necessary progression towards the exam, further studies and working life.

Firstly, we challenge students to use their receptive skills to read, watch and listen to purely authentic material. Secondly, we show them, concretely, how these serve as models of good communication, by way of examining their content, structure and language. Thirdly, we ask them to practice their productive skills by emulating the models. We hope the book will serve as both an eye-opener and a hands-on guide to succeeding in International English.”

Watch this space.

Young Kids Hard Time

For the past three years my students at Nannestad vgs have been writing and receiving letters from inmates all over the United States of America. We write to juveniles who have been incarcerated as adults where many of them are serving life without parole. Their ages differ as some of them who were sentenced as thirteen and fourteen olds are now in their thirties. The youngest inmate we are in touch with was sentenced when he was twelve. Others have only been in prison for four, maybe five years. A few of the inmates are mentally disabled and have an intelligence level of a first grader. Their crimes vary from parricide, to robbery and felony murder. Most of them are victims of abuse, poverty, neglect and drug use. For the moment we are only writing to males, however, we will be expanding our list and project to reach out to females. Continue reading

Australia – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #5

One of the things that Bronia was really looking forward to during her family’s year in Australia was eating out. With her parents available as babysitters, and countless fantastic restaurants in Sydney, she has had many culinary experiences. Early in the New Year she and her husband dined at Petrel Kitchen that offered an unusual focus on native Australian ingredients. To learn more about the concept Bronia met up with Executive Chef Clinton Whiteman the next day as the restaurant prepared for another busy evening. Continue reading