Australia – Straight from the Horse`s Mouth #3

Bronia Hamilton, English teacher and Oslo’s FYR coordinator for English, continues to provide us with up-to-date teaching resources from Australia. Below follows part three in the series.

 3. While we are freezing here

 When Bronia and her family told everyone they were off to Sydney for a year, many people were jealous, picturing the wonderful warm weather and beach lifestyle we see on TV shows from Australia. While the family is enjoying being able to walk to the beach for a swim there have been some challenges getting used to a home of a very different standard.

 This teaching material can be used as an extension to the listening text “How to Build a Solid House” from SKILLS for Bygg og anleggsteknikk or can be used independently. The material includes:

  • 7 short videos from Bronia’s house (approximately 1 minute each)

  • Handout to students, including:

    • Brief background information about Bronia’s house

    • Comprehension exercises based on the videos

    • A task requiring students to explore the issues raised and produce an oral text

  • A written task for a particular purpose (exam training)


Download handout

Video 1: Welcome and windows


Video 2: Flat metal roof


Video 3: Bedroom windows


Video 4: Internal bedroom


Video 5: External doors


Video 6: Bathroom


Video 7: Ceiling and roof

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