Practising using statistics as a source of information?

The USA’s position as The Land of Opportunity is challenged shows this prosperity index from the Legatum Institute, a non-profit UK thinktank. In fact, Norway, for the fifth year in a row, took first prize as the world’s most prosperous country. This is a great source to compare English-speaking countries, or perhaps choose one and compare it with Norway.

  1. Click on this link!/

  2. Zoom in on your chosen country on the world map.

  3. Click “view country profile”, or choose for example “download United States profile” if you wish to print this to your students.

  4. In groups of two or three let the students compare and contrast two English-speaking countries, or an English-speaking country with Norway. Ask them to take notes of 3-5 issues that strike them as most interesting.

  5. Share findings in class.

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