“What’s so Different about the 2016 Election?”

This will be the topic for Randall J. Stephens` talk on our English seminar this spring. He teaches American Studies and History at Northumbria University, Newcastle, and below he shares his top tips on following the upcoming election with your students.

1. Michael Gonchar, “Lesson Plan, Election 2016: Understanding Primaries and Caucuses,” The New York Times, January 27, 2016.

Michael Gonchar writes: “In this lesson, we provide a primer on the presidential nomination process by combining resources from The New York Times with videos and information from around the web, so students won’t just understand how candidates get nominated, but will also be challenged to think deeply about how the system works.”


2. “Election 2016: Gallup.”
The Gallup Poll has been asking Americans about politics, culture, race, and much more since it was first launched by George Gallup in the 1930s.  On this website you can find all manner of polls conducted on the 2016 election.  The polls look at what Americans think of the candidates and what is most important for the average voter. See, for instance, some of the latest results, like, “Trump’s Image Didn’t Take a Hit After Muslim Ban Proposal” and “Bernie Sanders Most Popular Candidate Among Asian-Americans.”


3.“American President: A Reference Resource from The Miller Center.”

This is an excellent, one-stop shop for essays on the presidency, history, samples of presidential speeches and recordings, and much more.  The Center is affiliated with the University of Virginia and has a focus on education and civics.


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