Nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk

Våren 2017 lanserer vi et nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk. Redaktør Kari Anne Arnkværn sier dette om bakgrunnen for utgivelsen:

“We wanted to make a book that clarifies the competence aims for students, as they often struggle to see the point in “reading just another text”. We show them, specifically, how they can build the most essential skills, step-by-step, and thus ensure the necessary progression towards the exam, further studies and working life.

Firstly, we challenge students to use their receptive skills to read, watch and listen to purely authentic material. Secondly, we show them, concretely, how these serve as models of good communication, by way of examining their content, structure and language. Thirdly, we ask them to practice their productive skills by emulating the models. We hope the book will serve as both an eye-opener and a hands-on guide to succeeding in International English.”

Watch this space.

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