Meet one of Norway’s best lecturers!

Senior Lecturer at Department of Political Science, UiO, Øivind Bratberg, was recently voted one of Norway’s best lecturers by Morgenbladet. On Tuesday 13 September he will join our SKILLS User Seminar, at Gyldendalhuset, to enlighten us on Brexit and the road ahead.

After 36.000 students from all over Norway had nominated who they believed were the most worthy lecturers, the jury decided between 386 nominees. Its chair, author Helene Uri, says, “The best lecturers spellbind the audience. They make the students want to learn more. The overwhelming response is a sound confirmation of how important teaching is for students.”

What is his focus on 13 September?

“These are chaotic times, with much uncertainty about what Brexit really means. I will briefly talk about the long history between Britain and Europe and the recent short election campaign, before we focus on the process that now follows.”

Bratberg has also previously received acclaim, winning the prize for «Årets UiO-underviser», in 2013. «When lecturing I aim to approach the topic together with my audience. What is it that we are trying to learn, and why is this worth doing? Most topics are interesting if only they are presented in the right way, with the right gloves, so to speak, as if we are climbing a mountain together.”

See Bratberg explain in his own words here

How can we as teachers inspire our students?

On 13 September our focus is also on you as SKILLS users. Four teachers/authors will therefore share concrete tips on how you can make your teaching both relevant and up-to-date by using SKILLS.

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