SKILLS User Seminar

Thank you for taking part in SKILLS User Seminar on 13 September. We hope you found it as useful and enjoyable as we did!

As promised, you can find the presentations from the four teachers and authors who shared their concrete tips on teaching using SKILLS, here:

Gro Lokøy – Safety in the workshop

Maria Selland – Using nursery rhymes and songs

Sidsel Hellesøy – Tverrfaglig prosjekt for elektrofag-elever

Janniche Langseth – Å aktualisere engelskundervisningen

Find user manuals for SKILLS Ressursbank and Smartbok here:



Many thanks also to Øivind Bratberg (UiO) for joining us, despite being on paternity leave, and for attempting to shed some light on the Brexit conundrum. Should you wish to read or use his presentation, please contact Stine Hagen at

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