Australia – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #6

by Bronia Hamilton

During our year in Australia we have been lucky enough to have a number of wonderful holidays. In early January we visited Hamilton Island. Although my surname is Hamilton, unfortunately no one in my family has any affiliation with the island. While we were there I went snorkeling every day, and several times I was lucky enough to spot a turtle grazing on the sea grass just off the beach.

In March we returned to the Great Barrier Reef, this time staying on Fitzroy Island. Fitzroy is much less developed than Hamilton Island since it is mostly National Park, with only one small resort and a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. I decided to visit the rehabilitation centre and talk to Jennie Gilbert who is one of the centre’s co-founders about the work that she and her team do combining tourism and protection of these amazing animals.

This teaching material is ideal to use in conjunction with “Green Tourism” from SKILLS for Service og Samferdsel, but can also be used with other students as most of us like travelling and care about the environment. Included in the teaching material is:


  • An interview with Jennie Gilbert, Director and Co-Founder of the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (10 minutes)
  • Handout to students, including:
    • Brief background information about the rehabilitation centre
    • A list of comprehension questions based on the interview
    • An oral task requiring students to explore a concept and explain it to a partner
  • A written task considering language and style (training for exam Part 1)
  • An oral task that is both training for the oral exam and can form the basis of assessment for the curriculum goal, “select an in-depth study topic within one’s education programme and present this”

Download handout Ecotourism for Turtles

Suggested answers



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