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Teaching Resources from The Guardian


On 2 May, as part of our annual English seminar, 57 Norwegian teachers visited the Guardian’s headquarter in central London. Head of Education, Margaret Holborn, promised to share all the useful resources presented. You find them below.


“Lots of viewpoints, knowledge, debate, questions, resources, not to mention inspiration that I can take with me into the classroom.”  

Insight into journalism: Links from sessions

Guardian audiences and research  

Upworthy methodology for calculating attention time

Why we should all be afraid of Invanka Trump’s mismatched earrings

Google news

My neighbour murdered nearly all my family but now we are friends – Example of a bad headline

Donald Trump ‘Why was there a civil war?’ – example of a good optimised headline


Snowden and NSA – Ewen MacAskillEwen

The NSA files

NSA files: decoded

Edward Snowden




US election, Fake News and Brexit – Dan RobertsDan Roberts

US elections 2016

Bernie Sanders

Who is Jeremy Corbyn: British Bernie Sanders or rumpled revolutionary?


The role of the picture desk – Fiona ShieldsFiona Shields

Guardian eyewitness

Best photographs of the day

Devastation in Aleppo – in pictures

Shocking images of drowned refugee boy show tragic plight of refugees


Leader columns and news – Tania BraniganTania Branigan bredde

Comment is free but facts are sacred – CP Scott’s centenary essay


Typical day at the Guardian


Editorial tour

Snowden hard drives destroyed – video

Chicken in the post in New Zealand


Teaching resources, ideas and activities

Guardian video on Facebook – Dab

Fake or for real – Guardian on Instagram stories


Guardian Education Centre


Scott Trust and Membership



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