Year plans and first lesson activities

Autumn is upon us, and it is time to plan the next school year, starting with that very first lesson. Here you find our suggested year plans for E2 International English and SKILLS, as well as teaching resources to help you get off to a good start with your students.

Suggested year plans

E2 International English

Here is our suggested year plan. You find this and other useful resources like key and suggestions for novel study in Ressurbank Lærer.

This teaching resource helps your students get acquainted with the aims of the course International English, using the cover of E2.


In Ressursbank Lærer you can find suggested year plans for vg1 and vg2. Log in or sign up for free access here.



First lesson teaching resources

Meeting this year’s students is always exciting and getting off on the right foot vital. So, what to focus on in the first lesson?

Here are two teachers in Akershus explaining how they typically start their school year.

The options are endless. Nevertheless, two tasks are essential; getting acquainted with one another and establishing an environment where everybody feels comfortable with, and committed to, speaking English. Here are two tips on doing just that:

1. “Getting to Know Each Other”

 2. “Presenting Norway”

Good luck with the new school year!

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