If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

SKILLS: Tips for the oral exam

Do you make a point of teaching your students vocational vocabulary?

Then we suggest you advise them to impress external examiners by consciously using it on the oral exam.

You can find lists of relevant vocational terms for each vocational programme in SKILLS Ressursbank and in the links below.

These lists are not exhaustive, and they are general for each vocational programme. Edit, share and use them as you see fit for your students. Here are some of our suggestions:

• Ask your students to mark the words they already know, and define which ones are part of their active and passive vocabulary.

• Ask your students to select 30 words they believe will be useful on the oral / written exam.

• Ask your students to add 10 important words related to their particular trade.

• Ask your students to make a list of words to learn and bring for their exams.

Vocational vocabulary list_BAT

Vocational vocabulary list_DH

Vocational vocabulary list_EL

Vocational vocabulary list_HO

Vocational vocabulary list_RM

Vocational vocabulary list_SS

Vocational vocabulary list_TIP

Good luck with your exams!


We are happy to announce that we are revising SKILLS for the new curriculum. The new SKILLS-series will cover all vocational programmes. Your opinions matter to us, and we welcome any feedback you may have!

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