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Why care about English?

Motivation is the key to learning. We asked two successful Norwegians about their incentives for learning English. Perhaps their stories can help students reflect on their own experiences and language skills? Perhaps they might even inspire them to put in that extra effort. You can… Read More

Varieties of English in E2

According to Statista, 1,500 million people speak English worldwide. Only 375 million of them are native speakers. This partly explains the subject name International English and it also justifies the competence aim: “enable pupils to give examples of other varieties of English than those that… Read More

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Come with us to The Guardian!

This is a unique opportunity for International English teachers to visit and see for yourself how an international news organisation works! On day one of our seminar, we visit the Guardian. Here you will: tour the inside of the editorial floors and see the news cycle… Read More

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Save the dates!

This year we are going international. Following the launch of E2, our new textbook for International English, we move our annual seminar to London! We will announce the full programme and open for registration shortly but can promise educational and inspiring days. Stay tuned to… Read More