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If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Do you make a point of teaching your students vocational vocabulary?  Bronia Hamilton, Oslo’s FYR co-ordinator, advises her students to impress external examiners by consciously using their vocational vocabulary. Ben Cornell at Bergen Maritime School uses SKILLS for Elektrofag and missed a list of relevant… Read More

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How to answer the exam task

Midterm exams are fast approaching! Do your students know how to interpret the tasks?  English teacher Anne Marie Torp, from Asker vgs, has put together a useful course to make students more aware of what the exam tasks require them to do. The course includes explanations… Read More

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Oral exams for vocational students

Bronia Hamilton teaches English for vocational students, and is engaged in “FYR” as a resource person in Oslo. Here you will find her tips on how to make the oral exam more relevant – or more focused on vocational skills. Tips for the oral exam