Australia – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #6

by Bronia Hamilton

During our year in Australia we have been lucky enough to have a number of wonderful holidays. In early January we visited Hamilton Island. Although my surname is Hamilton, unfortunately no one in my family has any affiliation with the island. While we were there I went snorkeling every day, and several times I was lucky enough to spot a turtle grazing on the sea grass just off the beach.

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Have we got news for you?

1. Suggestions for Chapter Tests will shortly be available in Ressursbank Lærer.

2. Grammar has been added to Ressursbank Elev in order to provide students with more interactive tasks.

3. Australia – Straight from the horse’s mouth
Bronia Hamilton has returned to her homeland Australia and will provide us all with useful resources to use with SKILLS over the coming months. We will be back with more on that!

A reminder that Ressursbank Lærer contains useful resources like “Årsplan” and “Fagsamtale” might also be in order. Edit and share.

All best wishes for the school start-up!

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Engelsk YF: SKILLS Term Test, vg1

December is always busy! Do you have your term tests ready?

We have suggestions for tests based on all seven editions of SKILLS. You find them in “SKILLS Ressursbank Lærer, under “General Resources”.

The tests are made by Gro Lokøy. Her TIP students at Sola vgs had the test last week. “There is enough work for a double lesson. Nearly all my students worked until the very end”, Gro says.

We hope our suggestions come in handy. Feel free to edit and share with your colleagues!