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Save the dates!

This year we are going international. Following the launch of E2, our new textbook for International English, we move our annual seminar to London! We will announce the full programme and open for registration shortly but can promise educational and inspiring days. Stay tuned to secure a place!

Where: London
When: 2-3 May
What: Free seminar for teachers of International English. Gyldendal sponsors the programme and accommodation from May 1st until May 3rd. You only need to book the flights yourselves!

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E2 International English

Our new textbook for International English will arrive in April. We look forward to presenting it! On our web page you can read more about E2, order a sample copy and get the latest updates on our English seminar.

Visit our web page

Suggested lesson plan

You, and your students, are now half way through the course International English. Perhaps this is the perfect time to stop and reflect upon its aims.

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Australia – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #6

by Bronia Hamilton

During our year in Australia we have been lucky enough to have a number of wonderful holidays. In early January we visited Hamilton Island. Although my surname is Hamilton, unfortunately no one in my family has any affiliation with the island. While we were there I went snorkeling every day, and several times I was lucky enough to spot a turtle grazing on the sea grass just off the beach.

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SKILLS User Seminar

Thank you for taking part in SKILLS User Seminar on 13 September. We hope you found it as useful and enjoyable as we did!

As promised, you can find the presentations from the four teachers and authors who shared their concrete tips on teaching using SKILLS, here: Read More

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Meet one of Norway’s best lecturers!

Senior Lecturer at Department of Political Science, UiO, Øivind Bratberg, was recently voted one of Norway’s best lecturers by Morgenbladet. On Tuesday 13 September he will join our SKILLS User Seminar, at Gyldendalhuset, to enlighten us on Brexit and the road ahead.

After 36.000 students from all over Norway had nominated who they believed were the most worthy lecturers, the jury decided between 386 nominees. Its chair, author Helene Uri, says, “The best lecturers spellbind the audience. They make the students want to learn more. The overwhelming response is a sound confirmation of how important teaching is for students.”

What is his focus on 13 September?

“These are chaotic times, with much uncertainty about what Brexit really means. I will briefly talk about the long history between Britain and Europe and the recent short election campaign, before we focus on the process that now follows.”

Bratberg has also previously received acclaim, winning the prize for «Årets UiO-underviser», in 2013. «When lecturing I aim to approach the topic together with my audience. What is it that we are trying to learn, and why is this worth doing? Most topics are interesting if only they are presented in the right way, with the right gloves, so to speak, as if we are climbing a mountain together.”

See Bratberg explain in his own words here

How can we as teachers inspire our students?

On 13 September our focus is also on you as SKILLS users. Four teachers/authors will therefore share concrete tips on how you can make your teaching both relevant and up-to-date by using SKILLS.

Sign up now!

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Bli med på seminar!

Kjære Skills-bruker,
Vi inviterer til seminar på Gyldendalhuset 13. september.


11:00 – 12:00  Bli bedre kjent med mulighetene i SKILLS Smartbok
12:00 – 13:00
13:00 – 14:00  Å yrkesrette engelskundervisningen 

  1. Safety in the workshop/ TIP, ved Gro Lokøy, forfatter og lærer, Sola vgs.
  2. Using nursery rhymes and songs, for Barne- og ungdomsarbeiderelever, ved Maria Selland, lærer, Sam Eyde vgs.
  3. Tverrfaglig prosjekt for Elektrofag-elever,ved Sidsel Hellesøy, forfatter og lærer, Kongsberg vgs.

14:15 – 15:00  Å aktualisere engelskundervisningen, ved Janniche Langseth, forfatter, lærer og studieleder, Hvam vgs.
15:00 – 15:15  Pause
15:15 – 16:00  Brexit – Hva nå? ved Øivind Bratberg, førstelektor, Institutt for statsvitenskap, UiO

Meld deg på her!

Mange har lang reisevei, eller undervisning på morgenen. Derfor starter vi først klokken 11:00. Har du kun anledning til å delta etter lunsj er du hjertelig velkommen til det. Gi oss i så fall beskjed.

Påmeldingsfrist er 6. september.



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New beginnings

June, July and August may be three reasons to become a teacher. If so, August must reign supreme. Well-rested and full of expectations and the very best intentions you meet this year’s students. What is your focus?

We have interviewed two teachers about their plans for the first meeting.

Ole-Tobias Mangen, Lillestrøm vgs.


Suggested activity:

Kjersti Jacobsen, Rælingen vgs.


Suggested activity:

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Nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk

Våren 2017 lanserer vi et nytt læreverk til Internasjonal engelsk. Redaktør Kari Anne Arnkværn sier dette om bakgrunnen for utgivelsen:

“We wanted to make a book that clarifies the competence aims for students, as they often struggle to see the point in “reading just another text”. We show them, specifically, how they can build the most essential skills, step-by-step, and thus ensure the necessary progression towards the exam, further studies and working life.

Firstly, we challenge students to use their receptive skills to read, watch and listen to purely authentic material. Secondly, we show them, concretely, how these serve as models of good communication, by way of examining their content, structure and language. Thirdly, we ask them to practice their productive skills by emulating the models. We hope the book will serve as both an eye-opener and a hands-on guide to succeeding in International English.”

Watch this space.

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Takk for at du ville komme!

22. april 2016 arrangerte vi fagdag for engelsklærere i videregående skole på Gyldendalhuset i Oslo. 100 lærere fra hele landet var samlet til faglig påfyll og hyggelig sosialisering. Takk til alle som deltok på dagen, og til dere som fulgte med på vår live stream. På gjensyn neste år!

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