NM i engelsk

NM i engelsk

Årets NM i engelsk for elever i videregående skole, et arrangement i regi av English Teachers Norway ble avholdt i dag. Elever fra 41 skoler konkurrerte i to kategorier:

  1. Creative writing
  2. Film

Årets vinnere i Creative writing:

1st Place = Sanna Elida Høeg (Ski vgs)

2nd Place = Daniel Risvik Hugås (Olav Duun vgs)

3rd Place = Sophia Anastasia Wellmann (Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle)

Årets vinnere i Film:

1st Place = Regina Alfnæs (Bjertnes vgs)

2nd Place = Line Tran (Akademiet Drammen)

3rd Place = Ylva Marie Borgersen (Bjertnes vgs)

Som stolt sponsor gleder vi oss til å ønske de to beste i kategorien Creative writing velkommen til Gyldendal senere i året hvor de vil få omvisning og veiledning på teksten de skrev.

We are moving!


It is time to plan the next school year, starting with that very first lesson. You will find our suggested year plans for E2 (International English) and SKILLS (Vocational English), as well as teaching resources to help you get off to a good start with your students, on our brand new website.

From now on we will publish teaching resources and tips for the English subject on this new website. Our English blog will not be updated but all the content will be transferred. You will also find resources for other subjects such as norsk, naturfag, matematikk and geografi on this new page.

Also, join the group Videregåendeprat fra Gyldendal on Facebook, for notifications whenever there is new content on the new website.

Good luck with your first lesson after the summer break!

Keep Calm and Pass the Exam

The exams are just around the corner. Here are two useful tips to share with your students.

Interpret the task correctly

Anne Marie Torp, from Asker vgs., put together this popular course in 2016, and it is just as relevant today. Its main aim is to make students aware of what the exam tasks require them to do. The course includes explainations of the most frequently used instructional words and a step-by-step guide on how to interpret the exam task.

This material has been made with a 1,5-hour lesson in mind.Keep calm and pass your exam

Answering the exam task Vg1 (PPT)

Answering the exam task Vg1 course (Word doc.)

Answering the exam task Vg2 (PPT)

Answering the exam task Vg2 course (Word doc.)

Answering the exam task Form (Word doc.)

PS: The courses for vg1 and vg2 are identical, but the tasks and examples are different.

Revise your text

Students are likely to benefit greatly from looking through their texts several times on the exam, with a different revision focus each time. The text below is from E2, our textbook for International English, but is equally useful for vg1 students.


Download the text from E2 (page 292-293) here (PDF)

Good luck with your exams!





The Hate U Give


The Hate U Give (2017) is a young adult novel by Angie Thomas about a 16-year-old girl who sees a police officer kill her friend.

It has topped The New York Times best seller list for two consecutive years. Now, the film is out in Norway and we are happy to provide a teaching resource to accompany it. The author, Janniche Langseth, has chosen to focus on the film as a doorway to social issues, democracy and citizenship in the US.

Click here to download!







English seminar: Programme out now!


Engelsk seminar - Program og invitasjon - 8. april 2019_FERDIG_TIL WEB OG BLOGG

We are happy to welcome you to Gyldendalhuset, and our English seminar for teachers in VGS.

Where: Gyldendalhuset, Oslo
When: 8th April
What: Free seminar for English teachers in VGS

Travelling far? We sponsor one night in a hotel if you must travel more than two hours. You only have to pay 500 NOK.

Register here before 25th March

Download full program and invitation here

Engelsk seminar - Program-invitasjon - 8. april 2019_FERDIG2

Hvorfor skriver folk så krøkkete og dårlig? Kommer du på seminaret vil du få Harald Eias vitenskapelige tips til hvordan både du og elevene dine kan skrive bedre!